AbouT ME

I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a BFA double concentration in Graphic Design & Interactive Media and a minor in Photography & Video. I have always been drawn to the arts through various forms including photography, dance, music, and studio work. I love using every form of art as inspiration and finding ways to integrate different forms of art with my graphic work. This gives my projects a unique edge. I chose my major knowing that it would give me the opportunity to continue expressing myself artistically within my career and further my passion for design.

I am always looking for ways to stay connected to art even in my free time. I enjoy playing my guitar, setting up creative photoshoots, experimenting in the kitchen and staying active by going for a walk or run. I have also worked on various freelance design projects.



I am always looking for ways to stay connected to art in every form. My interest in photography lead me to both pursue a minor as well as kick-start Rachel Jean Photography taking portrait, couple and family photos. This endeavor has strengthened both my camera and communication skills as I work with clients to get a final product they are happy with. In 2012, I started Rachels School of Dance teaching kids ranging in ages 3-12 the art of movement. My role as an entrepreneur allowed me take charge in every aspect including promoting, choreographing and leading each class. I love working with the kids in my community sharing my love of dance and artistic gesture. As I continue to teach each year I establish a closer connection to my community. I believe the ambition I have demonstrated and skills I have developed through both experiences will allow me to be a great addition to your team.


My most recent position on UW-Stout's University of Recreation Marketing team has allowed me to expand my design skills, practice teamwork and experience professional project execution. For the position I worked on promotional material for numerous recreational events held on campus. I captured photos at the events and created posters, brochures, t-shirts, race signs, promotional videos, digital displays and social media posts. I have also worked on various other small freelance branding projects. Most recently I assisted The Sisterhood of Technology Professionals in building their brand from the ground up. I worked with the founders of the organization to develop a logo they felt best portrayed their core values. I also created brand guidelines as well as a few promotional materials for Sistech. I am enthusiastic about my career potential and the opportunity to learn and evolve through each design opportunity that comes my way. I look forward to overcoming challenges and going beyond expectations by maintaining my commitment to quality, accountability and professionalism.